Interpep starts!


interpep is a project for internationalism. We want to establish several concrete and specific methods to further democracy, secularism, and tolerance.

One of our main focuses is integration, that is the inclusion of people  who have migrated from Africa or Arabia to Europe. This seems to us to be one of the most urgent topics of our time.

We also will pursue methods and solutions to weaken the influence of totalitarian ideologies throughout society. Since a weak cultural identity is usually what totalitarian culture feeds on, we shall try and strengthen cultural influences. For the basis of all culture is ethics, and a people with a strong culture of humor, e.g., is hard to oppress. Also, a culture rich in ideas is likely to resist to all suggestions of intolerance.

We shall gather artists, publishers and influencers, or at least try to do so. This project started years ago, this website is, therefore, less a start than rather a necessity. Our work is at a point where we can neither stop, nor can we continue by ourselves.

This is how  we seek help.