Interpep is a platform for discussion. Mainly, we want to discuss developments in the western world, seen from a politically neutral perspective.

Nevertheless, several practical projects are included, which we´d like to introduce here. However, our basis being Germany, only some are international. Some are mixed-language projects and some, alas, are available only in German.

Germany being located right in the middle of Europe, though, we still think even the monoglot projects are worth mentioning.

This is a professional project, since we rely neither on state funding nor private donations. We therefore seek to make this a professional venture, albeit that we hope to work together with both private helpers and political help.

We just will not rely on either of them, nor will we accept partisan influence of any kind.

  • Speaker Spoker, a language learning game
  • DESIDERATA, an ethics project
  • Trollikon, an online dictionary of troll behaviour
  • German poetic form project (in German)
  • Intercultural reading projects
  • CULTURE against radicalism