About interpep


This is a project that fights RADICALISM.

ANY radicalism, so please don´t expect us to take sides.

We are unpolitical and do this for responsibility, which means, there is no money made and never will be. No advertising. We are not a society, club or foundation at this point, so sorry, dear sponsors, we are not tax-deductible.

We are professionals. At this starting point, the „we“ consists of me, Timmo Strohm, and several people contributinge very sporadically. We are facebook friends.

Being professionals, every one will try to add his perspective. We hope that thereby, we will open up insights that are hidden to journalists who very often are, let´s say, out of touch with the general populace.

This is not a CRITICISM, dear journalists, in the same way as inviting friends for dinner is not a criticism of the restaurant around the corner – it is just an attempt to provide a nice additional element.

That said, let me introduce myself.

I am a webdesigner and online publisher, and have been all my professional life. I manage a large bulk of websites, both for customers and myself, I am a hobby poet and I organize cultural events. I am fluent in both English and German, speak two more languages and read in seven. My take on things will therefore stem heavily from multilingual online research. I am not in active in any particular party, and I abhor them all. Yet, I am an ardent environmentalist. My professional specialization is search engine optimization (SEO), which might explain my keen interest in freedom of speech. I love tolerance and pragmatism, and I am quite fond of criticism. Hope you provide some.