Hello to the World!

Welcome to Interpep. This is a project for the pooling of facts and opinions, carefully collected by people working in different areas of expertise, but united by a common desire for independent discussion.

This project is run by German internet agency „strohm IT“. It is non-commercial, politically neutral, and totally secular.

We are working professionals from all runs of life, and we are NOT politicians. We are citizens who feel that in Europe, especially in Germany, many things happen which are not sufficiently covered in the „classical“ media, and we do not trust „social media“ to fill the gap.

Also, many social developments are presented and perceived in a somewhat distorted way when it comes to news reporting. Journalists often cover things from a different perspective, adding a spin, spicing things up with a touch of sensationalism or even trying to influence.

No, we do not believe „all media is fake news“, nor do we believe we alone have truth or objectivity. It is just felt by all of us that news reporting often lacks the perspective of the normal guys, those who actually do the work in this world. We would like to add this perspective, and we´d be glad if someone – e.g. you – should be interested.

Thanks for reading this, and thanks in advance for anything you might care to read. We´d also value your input.

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